At Pastificio Cerere, the art workshop

The intellectual luxury of The First Hotel is replicated in the extraordinary visit to the former pasta factory, that back in the 80's became a vibrant artistic center.
An experienced guide will lead visitors through the space of the former factory, now home to art galleries, photography schools, graphic studios and workshops of contemporary artists, including Piero Pizzi Cannella, Leonardo Petrucci, Oliviero Rainaldi and Maurizio Savini, authors of the works exhibited at the First.
Discover the steps of the creation of a piece of art, immersed in the cultural vibe that surrounds it.
Inside the same building, in the famous "Pastificio San Lorenzo", Guests can sip a glass of wine waiting for dinner that combines the Italian tradition with distant notes.
The journey ends at SAID, the former chocolate factory. Back to childhood among endless cocoa flavours!
For more information, contact our hosts prior to your arrival. Visits are limited and subject to availability.

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