- The First Roma Arte



Most hotels give you a street view, we give you an entire city.

Located on our rooftop garden, Acquaroof is the place to enjoy breath-taking views of the capital's historic centre and savour the charms of its magical monuments.

Start your journey with a power breakfast surrounded by sweeping views over the city. 

Linger over a long lunch, enjoy aperitivo early evening like a Roman, and stay on for dinner, all the while taking in the spectacular views of this Eternal City and its art-rich panorama.


Drops of taste and memory, the memory of Italian seafood cuisine with that unique touch of Roman tradition.

In our drops you'll find the mastery of Angelo Troiani, a modern interpreter of Italian cuisine, and the excitement of the young and passionate Alessandro Narducci.




An unmistakable view, the sparkling Roman air and the right company, that's how you create the right occasion for a toast!

At Aquaroof we make toasts with cocktails thanks to a rich list and mastery of Luca and his staff, who wants to astonish with polished scents and overflowing tastes.

There is, of course, a selection of great Italian and international sparkling wines and a constantly evolving wine card to keep up with chefs' creativity.



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