Environment Environment



The First Roma Arte is committed to sustainable and green practices. Our philosophy is to satisfy guests’ needs while respecting the environment.

Consumption reduction

  • All guest rooms and kitchen appliances are Energy Star rated.

  • In-room devices for automatic lights-off.

  • All bulbs are Energy class A.

  • Disinfectants comply with legal provisions on hygiene ISO type 1.

  • Staff are trained to use detergent and disinfectant doses according to packaging instructions.

  • Internal training programme for the use of chemicals.


Reuse of materials

The First Roma Arte incorporates eco-friendly materials wherever possible in its design and daily use. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints improve indoor air quality for guests and staff.

The hotel also offers electric cars for guests to rent so they can enjoy the city while protecting the environment.



Silverware and glassware are used throughout the hotel to reduce waste generated by plastic utensils and paper cups.

We also recycle all organic, plastic and paper materials delivered to the public Recycling Centre through a door-to-door waste collection system, under careful and meticulous controls.