The First Roma currently showcases more than 150 contemporary artworks, with a dynamic exhibition of young artists and masters of the twentieth century curated by Galleria Mucciaccia. 

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Galleria Mucciaccia, located at 5 minutes walk from the hotel, was founded in 2006 by Massimiliano Mucciaccia, gallery owner, lover and collector of art. Massimiliano had mainly artistic training from a young age, in fact, he has been in contact with the art world thanks to the family gallery, where he learned most of his skills and where he was immediately appreciated by many famous artists. The mastery gained during the many experiences, has allowed him to open his own exhibition space that currently has three locations, Rome, Cortina d' Ampezzo and Singapore. 

Since its inception, the gallery's program has been dedicated to the promotion of modern and contemporary art in Italy and abroad (Europe, United States and Singapore), thanks to the cooperation with institutions and private foundations. 

In recent years the Mucciaccia Gallery has organized exhibitions of artists such as Cristiano Pintaldi, Giorgio de Chirico, Robert Rauschenberg and Jacques Villegl?, authors who have had and continue to have a steady influence on the next generation artists. 

Today, the space aims to carry out a strict schedule, which gives visibility and importance on the one hand to the great masters of the twentieth century, and on the other one to younger artists but with a strong and successful in the world market. 

The gallery originally started with a systematic and fruitful collaboration with some of the artists of the group of San Lorenzo, including Piero Pizzi Cannella, and with international fame painters and sculptors of Roman artistic environment as Luciano Ventrone, Cristiano Pintaldi, Oliviero Rainaldi, Maurizio Savini and Francesca Leone. 

The aim of the gallery is to provide a dynamic space where artists, art critics, collectors and students can together create new interesting projects, with curious and bright themes, useful for making comparisons exciting and new insights.

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